About V-HOME

V-HOME is a chain of world-class serviced apartments, which is built with a dedicated team who are always thinking about "Customers are the center of everything we do". Customer emotions are heard and valued at V-HOME.
The apartments of V-HOME will become an integral part in your journey into Vietnam, which part of the experiences class conveniences but no less than friendly and closely as your homes.
Core Values of V-HOME
    V-HOME has been built with the motto "Customers are the center of everything we do" and to accomplish that task, the "Human" element is put on top at V-HOME. V-HOME employees have been trained and equipped with international standard work skills with a good attitude, warm heart and high moral standards.

    V-HOME assure that transportation is most convenient for clients, so V-Home's world-class apartment chain is always located at high-light economic, cultural and political centers in Vietnam. That is also the second core value of V-HOME wants to send to customers.

    The elegance and sophistication are obviously appeared in each apartment, but no less comfortable and convenient at V-HOME. Each detail of our interior is meticulously taken care of, through which we want to send customers a message about V-HOME's third core value that is a place to truly understand the wishes of the customer, a dedicated accommodation organization with 5 * quality orientation.
Customers who come to V-HOME acknowledged that they are well cared for. We're sure you'll be prepared and have everything you need, but don't hesitate to bring us special requests - we always would love to do more to touch your heart.
V-HOME's mission is to satisfy the needs of customers in experience of luxury apartments. We aim to be a chain of world-class serviced apartments across the country, with exquisite design & interior, bringing peace of mind and convenience as your second home.
With the concept of "Customer-centric", V-HOME always works for bringing the services beyond the customers' expectations.
V-HOME sets up 3 core essential missions that drive our organizations:
  1. Mission with clients
    • The interests of customers are the first priority.
    • Honest, transparent, dedicated to customers.
    • Providing the safest, most comfortable and pleasant experience.

  2. Mission with human resources
    • Creating a united working environment and the best conditions for learning.
    • Constantly improving self-awareness, maintaining enthusiasm in work.
    • Promoting creativity, professional manner.

  3. Mission with the community
    • Providing not only world-class service but also imbued with national identity.
    • Honoring the beauty of Vietnamese culture in the eyes of the international community.
    • Improving the appearance and potential of the real estate industry in Vietnam for foreign investors.



Địa chỉ: số 28 Trần Hữu Dực, Phường Cầu Diễn, Quận Nam Từ Liêm, Thành Phố Hà Nội
Điện thoại: (+84) 986 888 100
Email: vhome.info@viproperty.vn






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